So, here's my story

We have all at some point in our lives hosted an event, house party, wedding, birthday, corporate meeting… you name it. Been there, done that.

But this is what I know:

  1. As a host, I had to figure out and find event providers, and with super limited options, since I was working off my network, friends or google searched agencies
  2. I was annoyed that I had to go through an entertainment agency or middle man – this means that I had to give them a % of my budget just because they know the person that I wanted to hire
  3. As an event provider I was pissed off! Why let entertainment agencies take a cut, negotiate on my behalf, and basically do what I know that I can do?

“We want you to find each other easily and tango together, without going through a local middleman and his fees”

So, I had a COVID19 quarantine induced epiphany.

Because before becoming a father whose bedtime now averages 10pm, and discovering I have below-par cooking skills – I knew a thing or two about throwing awesome parties.

And it all comes down to this: the nod that says Thank you, that was awesome.

And this is what FINDBNE, find book n enjoy is all about. An easy way of getting the Nod.

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