So, here's my story

We have all at some point in our lives hosted an event, house party, wedding, birthday, corporate meeting… you name it. Been there, done that.

But this is what I know:

  1. As a host, I had to figure out and find event providers, and with super limited options, since I was working off my network, friends or google searched agencies
  2. I was annoyed that I had to go through an entertainment agency or middle man – this means that I had to give them a % of my budget just because they know the person that I wanted to hire
  3. As an event provider I was pissed off! Why let entertainment agencies take a cut, negotiate on my behalf, and basically do what I know that I can do?

So, I had a COVID19 quarantine induced epiphany.

Because before becoming a father whose bedtime now averages 10pm, and discovering I have below-par cooking skills – I knew a thing or two about throwing awesome parties.

And it all comes down to this: the nod that says Thank you, that was awesome.

And this is what FINDBNE, find book n enjoy is all about. An easy way of getting the Nod.

For providers

It is your right to negotiate directly. No need for the Middle Man.

For event planners

You owe it to your crowd to offer the best, customized to your vision. Find any talent, curated to your audience here.

My mission

Findbne to become a catalyst of growth for the entertainment industry by building demand and supplying it with local, regional and international talent.

My vibe

Help you craft the memories you want and deserve; not becuase of limited selection of providers, but by choice.

If I help you grow; the industry grows;

more awesome moments are delivered;

and Findbne grows with you.

Together we can build this community.

Joining Findbne is quick and easy.

For Gigging Professionals

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Findbne provides a full-service platform for booking gigs.

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For Event Planners

Are you planning an event and want to hire talent or services?

Findbne connects you with local vendors and provides a safe booking platform.

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